Corporate Governance

Business integrity involves all employees

As the world's leading styrenics company, we are accountable to a large and diverse group of stakeholders. Established and well-respected governance practices are essential to helping us manage these responsibilities. It is the duty of our Supervisory and Top Management  to ensure that these practices are followed. It is a core principle of INEOS Styrolution to be socially responsible and lawful in all of our business dealings and operations. We expect and demand that all of our employees understand and comply with all laws and corporate policies that are relevant for their responsibilities and that they abide by our company's principles and values and are good ambassadors for our company and industry in all dealings with our different stakeholders.

The importance of corporate governance

Corporate governance refers to the management and supervision of a company, including its organization, values, business policies and guidelines, as well as all internal and external regulatory and monitoring mechanisms. Effective and transparent corporate governance guarantees that INEOS Styrolution is managed and monitored in a responsible manner that focuses on value creation. This encourages our investors, the financial markets, our customers and other business partners, our employees and the general public to be confident in and have trust in the company.

A Code of Conduct that guides all our work

INEOS Styrolution has formally adopted corporate governance policies and guidelines that demonstrate the company's commitment to maintaining a high standard of governance. All directors, officers and employees of INEOS Styrolution must act in accordance with our Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct defines and summarizes, in one universal framework, what we expect of our businesses and people regardless of location or background. It provides both guidance in key areas and links to more detailed standards, policies, instructions and processes for further direction. Our company carries out business throughout the world, and that means our employees must operate in accordance with the laws and regulations of different countries and organizations such as the European Union and the United States. While the Code establishes principles for business conduct that are applicable throughout the company, regardless of location, each of our employees is responsible for knowing and following the laws that apply to them where they work. Where differences exist as the result of local customs, norms, laws or regulations, our employees must apply either the Code or local requirements – whichever sets the highest standard of behavior. As a minimum, we expect all of our employees to hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, openness and accountability in the way they conduct business.

Our governance policies are forward-looking and our leadership team is committed to constantly evaluating and modifying these policies to ensure their effectiveness as our company continues to grow.